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It was always the plan to make K.O. Grains one of the leading brands among producers of grain-related goods in our sector. We are currently expanding enormously, with our consumer brands and industrial items dominating all significant South African distribution channels as well as markets outside.

Our employees’ creativity, commitment, and knowledge are the key components of our success. As members of the K.O. Grains team. We continuously meet the needs of our clients and consumers, abide by international standards for food safety, and work tirelessly to maintain a consistent level of product quality and service.

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K.O. Super Maize Meal is a meal time must-have in all South African Homes by offering everything our customers want from a Super Maize.

A perfect fluffy texture, always quick and easy to cook, versatile, nutritious and don’t forget the incredible good taste!

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White Grain

Used in various food industries. Primarily used for human consumption and animal feed. It offers high nutritional value, durability and purity.


Made with cutting-edge cleaning and sizing tools. ideal for use as a raw ingredient in maize cakes, healthy snacks, and soups. 

Super Fine White E250

Utilized as a substitute for wheat flour,  with an extraordinary taste in spices and brilliant thickening characteristics in soups.

Super Maize Meal

A medium-coarse granulated maize meal made from white grain, and little to no contamination by germs, husk, or black specks

Hominy Chop

A very nutritious by-product of maize milling. Hominy chop is higher in fat than maize and is a good source of protein and fiber, for horses, cattle, and sheep. 

White Grits

White grits, also known as Brewers grits, is used to produce a variety of products form Maize Snacks to the Brewing of beer

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